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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Heart You

I can never deny that it is Valentine’s Day today. I keep on seeing guys and gals with flowers on their arms. Even in the MRT Shaw Boulevard station, flowers are being sold.

Anyway, on my way home walking on the streets of Ortigas Center, I have been seeing this cute tarpaulin. It is placed on the center island of San Miguel Avenue and in front of Tektite. I tried capturing photos of it, but on my camera phone, captions aren’t readable. I opt to go near the center island and take a quick snapshot of this tarpaulin. As I turned my back, I was surprised by a passing car—almost hitting me.

When I got to the MRT Shaw station, it is amusingly crowded—the same crowd I experienced in the last World Pyro Olympics. What is with Valentine’s Day?

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