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Friday, February 23, 2007

Christian Bautista’s Live Album

It’s snack time and my back hurts a lot. I just toasted my pimiento sandwich and prepared a hot coffee.

Anyway, this morning I copied my newly bought CDs to my office computer. I started listening to Lea Salonga’s Inspired album, but my officemates started complaining that my music is starting to make them sleepy. I then played the CD of Christian Bautista. At first, they still have the same comment, but after the second song they started singing. Haha. I really like this new album of Christian Bautista. No wonder it is number one on Philippine album charts. It has a wide selection of love songs we used to love.

Just A Love Song…Christian Bautista Live! Complete Track Listing:

1. Trying to Get the Feeling Again (4:23)
2. More Than You'll Ever Know (4:53)
3. Only Reminds Me of You (3:47)
4. Beautiful in My Eyes (4:13)
5. Make It With You (3:31)
6. Got to Believe in Magic (3:52)
7. Fixing a Broken Heart (3:30)
8. Could Not Ask for More (3:51)
9. Of All the Things (2:46)
10. Nothing Can Stop Us Now (3:33)
11. Be My Number Two (4:20)
12. Finding Out the Hard Way (3:32)
13. Blue Eyes Blue (4:34)
14. Cry for Help (4:58)
15. Heaven Help (3:02)
16. I Won't Hold You Back (4:43)
17. If Ever Your in My Arms Again (4:07)
18. You (4:07)
19. Just a Love Song (4:25)

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