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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Career Move

What a tiring day it was. I finally finished two of my month-end reports. Many more to go, so I am expecting that my back pain would be worse tomorrow.

Anyway, I have been thinking yesterday what would be the best career move that I should take. Should I just base a job on how high the salary is or I should consider other factors. I have a technical examination and an interview scheduled tomorrow evening. I have been seriously thinking if it is a good thing to pursue my application to that company even I am weary of their shifting schedule. My sister works as a Medical Transcriptionist on varying shifts. I do not want to be like her on her zombie look.

Just this morning, I made a decision to just withdraw my job application. After my second try, I finally talked to my HR contact person and politely said my piece. I was amazed how nice she was; even saying she was thankful that I considered applying in their company.

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