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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ash Wednesday

After work—At the MRT Shaw station, I lined up in the Window 1 to buy a stored value card. The line is unusually not moving, and then I noticed that the cashiers aren’t actually selling. After ten minutes, the security guards closed the entrance of the station. According to them, the platform is jam packed with people, so temporarily passengers will not be allowed to enter.

It has crossed my mind to just ride a bus, but I still prefer the convenience of the MRT. I think it was almost 6:30 when they opened the entrance and the cashiers. As soon as I have my card, I lined up again and entered the station. It is true—MRT is congested with people. I just hope the MRT management should anticipate the volume of passengers especially on special occasions and holidays. Of course it is Ash Wednesday, what is the best transportation than the MRT. They should have increased the number of trains yesterday to accommodate every passenger. They have been operating since Erap’s presidency, yet they still perform poorly.

When I got home, American Idol just started. I ate first then tuned in at once. The performance I got to watch was the Asian guy on bare feet. Top 12 guys performance did not impress me. The Indian guy irritates me the most with his grin smile. I think he performed better on his audition than last night, and I think he would be eliminated this week. By the way, what is wrong with Paula Abdul’s hair? It is like you cannot see her eyes with her brown hair.

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