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Friday, February 2, 2007

Affordable Unlimited Texting?

Yesterday, I have been receiving hate text messages regarding the increase of Globe’s Unlimited Texting service. Effective yesterday, Unlimited Texting for Globe would have the following denominations and expiration: P20/1day, P40/2 days and P80/4days from the former P15/1day, P25/2days and P50/5 days.

I have been using the 5-days unlimited texting for the longest time and I have to agree that it saved me a lot of money. As a subscriber, I think increasing as much as 100% is over the top and unruly. Consumers should have a major say on these matters. Consumers should not be on the losing end. Companies should remember that they exist because of their consumers and not vice versa.

My 5-days unlimited texting would end at 5 P.M. I am still thinking if I would accommodate this service or not.

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