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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I am now in bed trying to squeeze in the story of my day. This week I have noticed that my eye-twitching phenomenon is back. Maybe my body is giving me a reminder to rest and to take it slow. The last time I checked this condition to a doctor, she just prescribed me to take Vitamin B complex. According to her, it twitches because my nerves are getting weaker or tired. After a week of intake, it actually disappeared. I might have to take vitamins again to eliminate this eye-twitching mania.

Yesterday, when I got home, my mom greeted me with news that my cousin is looking for programmers in their company. My mom has a list of qualifications including my cousin’s email address.

The first thing I did this morning is to send my inquiry to my cousin about the job. I am just excited of the possibilities working there and at the same time weary on how difficult it is to enter that company.

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