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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

No More Ganglion Cyst

Yesterday, I left the office at around 4:30PM. I went to Clinica Manila at Megamall to have my ganglion cyst checked. I took the FX taxi to Megamall and was irritated by the driver. He stopped almost in San Miguel Properties building. Better, I should have walked from the office to Megamall, when I would walk from Megamall B to A. Grrrr. My 10-peso fare is just wasted.

I arrived at the clinic at 4:45PM. Got myself a number and waited for my turn to be assisted. I was the 2nd patient of Dr. Cepillo, the surgeon. I got to his room by 6:45PM. Since, I have consulted my condition two years ago with a surgeon, and with an additional research, mostly I am educated with my case. I would just have to wait for the sentence "your surgery would be scheduled on...” I thought it was only a consultation when he could also operate on the same day. I just have to wait ‘coz he has one patient lined up for surgery.

It was almost 7PM when a 9-year boy was rushed to my doctor’s room. He hit his head on a table and was bleeding profusely. By the time my doctor finished his first patient—he attended first the boy. I got to the operating room by 7:15PM. Wore my scrubs, medical hair net and rubber slippers. A device was strapped first to my left leg for the purpose I do not know.

The part to be operated was then cleaned then drugged with anesthesia. Thank God I did not feel anything at the start of the operation or I might faint. The doctor injected an additional anesthesia when I was already complaining. The operation lasted for an hour. I immediately bought the prescribed medicines for the fear of feeling the pain. Went to Jollibee and had my dinner. Got home by 11PM.

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