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Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Didn’t Know That

I woke up this morning with a bad headache. Did my exercise routine first, took a bath and had my breakfast. It was almost 11 in the morning when I used our computer. I tried to connect on the internet, but my credits are all used up. Thank God I have an e-load business, viola! I am online.

The first thing I did was to continue downloading Mozilla Firefox browser. It was on queue on my ever-reliable download manager. Then I checked for my jobstreet and jobsdb account. I got so frustrated that it took too much time loading a page. When the downloading finished and I had it installed, my browsing experience improved a bit. I just got interrupted when my sister’s classmates arrived our house—my signal to stop using the computer and their turn to do their research work in the computer.

I was still having a headache at that time, so I decided to lie in bed and have a quick nap. By 1:30, I had my lunch followed by watching TV. I tuned in to Discovery channel and seen Saving Ronald Reagan. It was almost in the middle of the program, but it still gave tidbits of information about his assassination and successful operation. Did you know that it took six hours just to get the bullet out in Ronald Reagan’s left lung?

When it ended, I changed the channel to National Geographic Channel. There is a new show entitled “I Didn’t Know That.” It is a show that explains things we usually take for granted. Today’s episode is about magnets. I was fascinated that magnets may be used to generate electricity; it can run a train with a fascinating speed compared to our MRT without using any electricity; and it is mostly used in theme park rides. Cool huh!

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