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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Discovery Channel Marathon

When I got home from the office and had my dinner, I went to my sister’s room and switched on the television. I scanned and scanned for good programs until I ended with Discovery Channel.

My discovery channel marathon started with Hour China, a special about Jackie Chan’s film career in Hong Kong and his successful penetration in Hollywood. Right after this TV show, a medical story of a fetus inside a fetus followed. Strange huh! I just cannot remember what it is called. This is possible though and has 90 reported cases worldwide.

As explained in the program, two chromosomes or a twin is developed in the womb. One having abnormalities during its development stage, while the other is the healthy one. As the healthy one is developing, it is sucking in the abnormal chromosome in its center. As the regular fetus develops so as the other fetus.

The fetus within the fetus only lives because it connects to an umbilical cord to the regular fetus, just like a mother-baby scenario. It lives with the blood supply and oxygen provided by the regular fetus through the umbilical cord. In layman’s term, the fetus within a fetus acts as a parasite.

After the medical story followed A Haunting, a horror TV program that shows unexplainable phenomenon.

1 comment:

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hehe i think this comment is a tad late. =)

i think the fetal condition the tv show is referring to is TTTS or twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, or stuck twin syndrome, or feto-fetal transfusion syndrome (anyways TTTS would be fine) =) i have only seen that case on tv too and in medical/bioethical journal.

there was a case in europe where the parasite twin was left to die to salvage the other twin. that case cause quite a commotion in the medical world. and in fairness to the MD who did the surgery (against the parent's decisions), the twin is living a normal, healthy life at present.

might as well post an entry about this topic eh... haha... btw, thanks for the visit, hope we become good blogmates =)