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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

9th Day Of 2007

I woke up four in the morning thinking it was Saturday. I checked my cell phone inbox and immediately replied to some of the new messages. I went back to sleep chilling, tucking myself in my pillow. By 5:30 in the morning, I heard my mother knocking my door—trying to wake me up—then I realized it is only Tuesday.

Since I am running late, I have decided to just do my exercise later when I got back home from work. Anyway, I got in a MAYAMY bus to MRT Taft Station. I was really pissed off by the driver because he is fishing for passengers (as in literally), which took a lot of my time. When I got to the MRT I still have to buy for a single fare journey. They ran out of stored value cards, so I am opted to queue in line.

I got in the office six minutes late. Grrrr.

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