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Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Today, I started eating more than I am used to. It is my resolution to gain weight and to look and feel better about myself.

For breakfast, I had rice and sardines. I prefer not to eat the freshly cooked chicken and vegetables prepared by our house helper. By lunchtime, I had rice and pork. After that I bought some avocado shake in the ground floor of our building. According to the website I saw yesterday, avocado contains many calories, which is ideal for my weight gain.

By 3PM, my stomach is growling with hunger. I did not have much time to buy a heavy snack because I was caught up with my workload. Instead, I had coffee and junk food.

By 5PM, the usual, I am drained with stress. When I reached Shangri-La Mall, I went to the food court and ate at Mc Donald’s. Frustrated with the lightness of the cheeseburger meal, I bought macaroni salad from Wendy’s, which I would be eating before I sleep.

I am optimistic that I would hear good comments from my friends and officemates in months time or sooner.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

OMG your resolution is to gain weight, mine is lose weight!