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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Project Runway Season 3

I am so addicted with Project Runway that I make sure to be home early. Funny to say, but this is my favorite TV-show this year. I appreciate the fact that Discovery Travel and Living channel is airing it every weeknights at nine.

At this point, it is the final four from the usual final three. It is so hard to guess who will win. I did not even try to check the internet who won.

Anyway, tonight’s episode is the reunion special. I got to see them all especially the annoying Keith. It is fun to watch especially when they got to grill Keith. You can see on Keith’s face that he is lying and he is just making up stories. People like him do not deserve a spot on that show at all.

Who will win? My bet…hmmm… Laura!?!? hehehe

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