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Monday, December 11, 2006

Divisoria Trip

Finally after getting my Christmas bonus, my well-planned trip to Divisoria push through. Last Saturday was the anticipated Divisoria day. I woke up seven in the morning and met my friend at Mc Donald’s MRT Taft Station by 9 AM. The FX taxi ride was just smooth until we reached the Binondo area. It was just a 30-45 minutes ride from MRT Taft to Divisoria.

The first mall we got in was Divisoria Mall. Last year, I shopped for gifts in 168 Mall—it was a success that made me come back to Divisoria this year. Compared to 168 Mall, it is an old establishment with poor air-conditioning and lighting. I just cannot remember what I bought in Divisoria Mall.

Right after shopping in Divisoria Mall, I asked for directions to 168 Mall. I am glad it is just walking distance. As I have expected even as early as 10 AM, 168 Mall is already crowded with shoppers. What can you expect it is the Christmas season?

By lunchtime, we went to the 168 Mall Food court. Food is not the problem, but having a seat. All seats are already occupied and people are already standing on each table waiting for their turns. I assigned my friend to reserve a table for us and I lined up and ordered for our food. When we started eating, people are already in my back trying to say, “Hurry, we are hungry!”

I am so pleased with my shopping this year. Wishing everyone a happy Christmas!


Sherry said...

shopping is always fun. Most important is you have got the money to shop

Sherry said...

I know next month go IT show it will be hard to get a seat at the food court.