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Monday, November 13, 2006

To Diarrhea Or To Constipation

Since Friday night, I have this irritable diarrhea and stomachache. For what I can recall, I did not ate anything that can cause this pain. Yesterday, it made me worry to know that diarrhea should not last more than a day. I know it is fatal due to dehydration—that’s why I increased my water intake. I also had Hydrite and homemade Oresol.

Homemade Oresol - 1-teaspoon salt and 4-teaspoon sugar in 1 liter of water

Early this morning, I was supposed to go to work. But during my preparation, my diarrhea attacked once again. I decided not to go and just rest my condition. I immediately texted our company doctor on what to do, and he advised me to have my stool examined. According to him there might be amoeba on my system. I just rested the whole day and waited for my stool exam result.

My sister just texted my stool exam result and it was clean. Such a relief!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

diarrhea and constipation both are bad.