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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NTC's Anti-Phone Theft Service

Text 682 or Text NTC is another alternative way of reporting lost/stolen cell phones. Project Text 682 aims to prevent and eventually eliminate the problem of mobile cell phone theft. Through a string of SMS commands, TEXT 682 will enable mobile phone subscribers to prevent anyone from using a stolen or lost mobile phone by blocking the IMEI of the said phone. Once a mobile phone is blocked, it cannot be used anymore even if the SIM card is replaced. Likewise, if the stolen phone is returned to the rightful owner, he/she will be able to automatically unlock the IMEI of the said mobile phone.

For SMART/Talk & Text, Globe and Touch Mobile Subscribers:


First step is to register to TEXT 682. Registration is valid for one year. To find out the IMEI of your mobile phone, simply type *#06# or look for it on the printed compliance plate under the battery.

To register, simply type REG___ and send to 682


You must block your phone as soon as you learn it is lost or stolen. You may use any GSM phone to BLOCK a cellular phone.

To block phone, simply type BLOCK__ and send to 682.


You may use any GSM phone to unblock a blocked cellular phone.

To unblock phone, simply type UNBLOCK__ and send to 682.


You must use the registered cellular phone that you wish to unregister.

To unregister, simply type UNREG__ and send to 682.


You must use the registered cellular phone to change the pin code.

To change pin code, simply type PIN__ and send to 682.


For help, simply type HELP and send to 682.

For Sun Cellular Subscribers:

The Text 682 service is found under Sun Cellular Emergency sub-menu. To reach the said sub-menu, enter The Mall, select Post Office, then select Public Service, then select Government, and then you will find the TEXT 682 service. There are six options found under the Text 682 service: Register, Block, Unblock, Unregister, Change PIN, and FAQS.

NOTE: All completed transactions are worth PhP 5.00

Source: ntc.gov.ph

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Sherry said...

great info, I am worry abont phone banking to pay bill. I do not go for that but use online banking instead. You think it is better?