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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Know Your Officemates

Brainy – Projects that he knows everything. He would even claim that he knows famous people or he is somewhat related to that person. In every conversation, he would definitely share his opinion and be a star.

Lazy – Make sure that she avails her sick leave every month. Her reason would just be dysmenorrhea. You would just select Monday or Friday on the day of her sick leave. I just wonder why most of my female colleagues do not suffer this ailment.

CEO – Projects that he owns the company. Would walk on the office like it is his house. Has a strange laugh that can be distracting.

Stealer – Given a chance would steal anything useful in the company. From pens, pencils, bond paper and even cell phone load.

Starlet – Projects himself jolly yet inappropriate for his disposition—the result, he is not respected among his colleagues and subordinates. Most of the time act unprofessional, play child games, talk nonsense and wants to be given the attention.

Powerful – Got his post in the office because of his relation to the management even he does not possess the qualification. Even he continues to commit mistakes; the management would always stand on him.

Flirt – Has a reputation of sleeping with his officemates, and was even caught making out in the fire exit.

Robot – Must always be given orders to operate. Would resort to doing nothing, read emails, play computer games or talk on the phone.

Contented – Employees that are contended on what they are now. Does not have the initiative to ask for more responsibilities in the company that is why he got stuck on his post while others are already promoted.

Nosy – Enjoys prying with your personal life. Would resort in reading email and text messages. He would only stop if you have given a satisfying bogus answer to his petty question.

Gluttony – Enjoys picking his officemates packed lunch even if not offered. Has a reputation of a voracious appetite. Would not share his food to anyone even he has finished eating your own food.

Ultimate Performer – The star of the office. Would always have a part in every office program or activity even if not required by the company. Would dress provocative to attract cheer from the crowd. Would consider ridiculing his own self just to get the attention of people.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

when I was working I do not know my officemates because they have not introduce everyone to me. :(