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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Good News Credit Card Holders

I read this week an article regarding the banning of additional surcharges for credit cards payments. The good news is, effective November 5, additional surcharging is prohibited.

I experienced this before in G2000, in Greenhills and just recently at Body Tune Spa. It is really discriminatory and it is too much. Aside from the interest they are gaining, they would have additional revenues for credit card surcharges. It is a great move of our government. I just hope they would also look on unfair charging of credit card companies.

There should be a regulation that dictates the standard computation of interest or penalties, minimum penalty rate and so on. Credit card companies should be transparent and should not false advertise just to attract prospect cardholders.

An agent of HSBC told me that their annual fees are waived for life. When clarified she told me that the points earned could be converted as payment for the annual fees. What if I cannot meet the minimum points? I would have to pay? Oh come on!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

this is good news! I think recession the interest will be lower.