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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Feasting On Lasagna

I am back doing my exercise again. My appetite is perfect and I am quite happy that I am getting used of eating more and much often. I just hope it would do good results on my weight. I currently lost 5lbs during my diarrhea and ganglion operation.

Yesterday after work, my office buddies (Rosell & Simon) and I went to Megamall to have our dinner. They went first to the BDO ATM to have their BDO Cash Card pin changed. After a few tries, they successfully changed it. We went to French Baker and ordered lasagna. It was actually my first time to eat there and I was so disappointed with their service. Simon and Rosell got their order ahead of me and I waited angrily for my food. They are almost done when I got my food. I gulped my lasagna without chewing and let my disappointment be swallowed with the food.

After feasting with our lasagna, we went to the magazine stand right in front of French Baker. I was surprised to see Nicole of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 with Tyra Banks on the cover. It says winner Nicole. Grrr… Here in the Philippines, ANTM Cycle 5 is still running and is down with the final four. I am glad my bet Nicole is the winner.

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