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Friday, November 10, 2006


I got up late today. I still cannot resume with my exercise. I am worried that my stitches on my left wrist would bleed. For breakfast, I had fried rice and scrambled eggs. After having my breakfast, I asked our maid to clean my room. I can sense that anytime soon spiders would habitat my room.

After work, I went to the derma. I just thought it is practical that I go every Friday instead of Saturday. I would save a lot of money from the transportation and food. Aside from that, I can sleep all day of Saturday.

When I got to Tambo in Parañaque, I took the FX taxi. I was in the backseat with a group of mother and four kids squeezing themselves in the two-seater. The air-conditioning is not that good that I can sniff the sour sweat of the children. I stopped battling with the driver in increasing the air-con. I just consumed myself with the little air it produced.

When we passed Mc Donald’s, the toddler on the backseat keeps on uttering “Mangdo” (Mc Do) until he gets the attention of his mother. Aside from that, he has this gesture of eating chicken and remarking “Sarap” (Delicious). That kid made me smile. When I got home, I was so surprise how clean my room was. Good job Ate Malou!

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Sherry said...

spider knows the best place!