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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tortured Shoulder

This week, I have not written anything for my blog. There would come a time when I am not inspired to write or there is nothing to say at all.

After my spa experience—a day before my birthday, I have been ranting about this ache on my left shoulder. It has been torturing me until this moment. My massage session with my colleagues seem not to work either. I hope this pain would go away soon.

Something to cheer up—my boss medical checkup went well. There has been no trace of cancer cells in her latest body scan. Good people like my boss do not deserve to be ill at all.

Anyway, the usual I went to the derma today. At the MRT, I noticed that they play pop and OPM music now. If only they have thought to have the MRT radio station from the start of their operations, they should have more revenues from the radio advertisement and music airplay. They are not thinking huh! They should maximize their resources and think of other ways to earn.

I have been watching Pinoy Dream Academy quite sometime now. I am just wondering why the likes of Michelle is chosen. She cannot sing. Really!

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