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Monday, October 9, 2006

October 9th

Friday—After work, I went to San Dionisio Credit Cooperative to do some banking transactions and at the same time visit my former officemates and friends. I had a great time talking and making fun with them.

…When I tuned in to News Central over Studio 23, I noticed that my Peso Forex value for Friday is not the same with their figure. Grrr…

Saturday—I went to Megamall to visit my derma. I arrived earlier than the usual. After my derma treatment, I went to the food court and indulged myself with a hearty merienda. I had rice, spicy squid and lechon kawali. Isn’t that great!

I went to Book For Less afterwards to browse for books. I ended up leaving the store coz the books are not arranged by author. You should have a good set of eyes and lots of patience just to find a good one.

…As planned, I went to the supermarket and bought some toiletries and knick-knacks. At the supermarket, I even saw Mother Lily. Haha!

When I got home, I went online and checked my email as well as the Peso Forex. According to INQ7.net and ABS-CBNNEWS.COM, my figure is correct!

Monday—The usual Monday blues. I was feeling off and a bit sad. I was preoccupied the whole day and at the same time pressured to finish all my reports. By 4pm, I imagined that the time stopped and I would finish everything in a snap. I left the office by 6:45PM with my appetite lost.

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Sherry said...

I can't remember what I was doing on this date