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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Survived October 21

Even there are news spreading over the internet about a bomb threat in Megamall, my spa schedule pushed through. A friend of mine from the office accompanied me. Thanks again! Our schedule was supposedly set by 10AM. On time Makoy was right on schedule but my friend made it to Megamall by 11AM. Grr. I managed to visit the record bar, the chapel and waited patiently at the bench near Globe Telecom.

Anyway, I chose Swedish massage and Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub for my treatment. We went to have a shower first then to the sauna. According to the illustration posted inside the sauna, 15mins is just right for our health. I can remember how sweaty I was. Oh well, its good for my health.

After the steamy sauna, I had the body scrub treatment. Nothing so special about the treatment, it just made my pale skin cleaner I guess and it looked pinkish afterwards. After the scrub, the Swedish massage took place.

Before I am just used to reflexology, when this time it’s Swedish. Honestly, I am alienated by the way the massage went. I would prefer reflexology or a different technique on my next visit. After that we went to Chef Donatelo to have our lunch. We both had the pizza and pasta combo. We even got the idea to decorate our department by the Halloween design of the restaurant. We went to National Bookstore to buy the so-called Spiders web. Haha.

We went strolling and looked for cell phone accessories. He ended buying two sets for himself. We went to St. Francis to continue our strolling madness. I bought a new crystal case for my phone cause my old one is already broken and needs replacement. We decided to go home by 4pm. Thank god I survived October 21 with my body intact.

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Sherry said...

wow I like to try body scrub treatment. :)