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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sad Makoy

Today is a sad day for me. Earlier at work, I finally found out that there’s an error in one of the systems I am maintaining. This bug caused me 35 days of undeducted leaves. I still don’t know what would be the arrangement with the management if it would be deducted on my leave credits or not.

Aside from that, my poverty conscience is hitting me big time. I admit I use my savings as a security blanket. A force field that protects me from worries, that for whatever reason, I am saved--that I don’t need to rely on anyone.

But, recently because of continuous “good use” spending, I am near reaching my safety net. If only those who owes me money would pay. I can have my security blanket back. Sigh…

9/14/06 9:00AM

I woke up 30 minutes late from my usual 5:30AM wake up call. Because of that, I miss doing my push-ups and sit-ups, skipped having my breakfast, and lastly didn’t have the time to wax my unruly hair. Two more days and it’s weekend again. Thank God!

1 comment:

Sherry said...

wow.. what kind of bug is that?