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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Xangsane (Milenyo) Scenario

It was a rainy Thursday morning. I got up early and was expecting a good day ahead of me. I reached the bus stop of Pasay Rotonda where I take the MRT. Because of the heavy rain, a part of the road is impassable. I have to take a jeepney just to cross 50 footsteps.

When I reached the dry portion of the road, I went out the jeepney and tried my luck to ride the MRT. As expected, people are piling up and its also flooded. I managed to ride the MRT with a portion of my pants and shoes wet. I made even a fun out of the MRT radio station. It was the first time I heard of it since it has been operational. Mostly it plays Bossa Nova music.

I came early in the office. By 9 or 10AM, it started to rain profusely. I can see it how strong the wind blew. Electricity started to flicker and went out before lunchtime. I received messages from my friends that they were sent home already. By lunchtime, the management agreed to sent us home. We first had our lunch in the office. I only had rice and pancit canton. By 1PM, our calvary started. Since there’s no electricity, the elevators aren’t working. We have to travel from the 31st Floor to the Ground Floor.

We made our first stop at 5th Floor. My friends made cash withdrawal at BPI. We went back going down stairs. At that time, I can feel that my knees are a bit shaky. At Ground Floor, people are piling up. People can’t get out because of the heavy rain and wind. We went to the auditorium and buy some cheap rubber slippers. Every payday, tiangge is usually held in our auditorium. We’re just making sure that if its flooded outside, our shoes won’t get wet.

Rosell, Noy and I agreed to face the typhoon. I would rather face the uncertainties than to stay put in our building. Lucky Noy, he got a ride with our HR head. Rosell and I ended up walking in the streets of Ortigas to Megamall. I saw some glass fragments on the streets--maybe it came from our building.

We managed to reach Megamall and trying our next luck to ride the bus. Rosell is dropping off Ayala. She’s meeting her husband there and I’m on my way home in Parañaque. As expected, all buses are all full. But we managed to ride one. What I hate about this bus scenario? Kenny Rogers’ music is played over and over and over again. Grrrr.

At EDSA, I saw many destructions caused by Milenyo. Large billboards hit buses and houses. When I reached Tambo in Parañaque, many were stranded. I’m just so lucky that I got a FX ride in less than 5 minutes. I saw how destructive the typhoon was. Some of the trees in the center island were down. Pink fences of MMDA were also in bad shape.

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Sherry said...

sound like your day was not bad. :)