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Thursday, September 28, 2006

How To Cope With Your Blog

1. When an idea strikes, immediately jot it down. Don’t rely on your memory. You might not have that brilliant idea the next day.

2. Don’t pressure yourself in posting a new message everyday. Set an attainable target on how many posts you are going to make in a month or in a week.

3. If you’re having a hard time with creative writing, think first of the major thoughts then just break the major thoughts into sentences. Voila!

4. Make a draft first in writing your messages. A text editor can help you with spelling and grammatical errors. You can even save net time.

5. Make your blog simple. Don’t overdo with your background and design. Just make sure your texts are readable and the overall look is pleasing to the eyes. I’ve seen many Friendster profiles that overdo a lot. Instead of browsing it, I immediately press the back button. Don’t you just hate it when the background is all black and the text is somewhere close to black? You have to highlight the text just to read it. What a hassle!

6. Be responsible in posting your messages. Remember, its world wide web!

7. No plagiarism.


Sherry said...

great tips to share with everyone! :)

Sherry said...

I agree with first one do not rely on memory, better note it down!