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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Almost Got Hit

I got up early today and was expecting to arrive early in the office. At MRT Taft station, I noticed that passengers are starting to pile up. When the next train at southbound arrived, I thought the train I’m in would start to run, when suddenly it was announced that there was a technical problem.

It took 30 minutes of waiting. When I arrived at MRT Central Station, I immediately rushed to my next ride--that a car almost hit me in front of our building.

8am was the exact time I arrived in the office. By lunchtime, I read the breaking news of Inq7.net. It says that the MRT is operational again. The reason why a train from Santalon Station stopped near Cubao station is because of overloading.

The capacity of the train is 3,000, but mostly it carries 4,000 passengers. MRT management should see to it that this would not happen again, especially during rush hour.

If they know their numbers, they should have measures to minimize the volume of passengers. I noticed every morning how slow the turn around time of each train could be. At Taft station, the train would start running just as if the train is almost full. Upon arriving the next station, just a few passengers can get through. Imagine the hassle of riding the MRT during rush hour. Sigh…

1 comment:

Sherry said...

OMG that is scary, luckily you are alright.