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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Dorn Method Experience

Going to the clinic was a bit of a problem. It would be the first time I’d be going to Merville, Parañaque and I would only be relying on the SMS instructions given to me. It took me 4 rides. I arrived 9:20 AM and was immediately welcomed by Mr. Gi Santiago, the Dorn Method therapist. Her wife Margie, is the one I contacted through a recommendation in a certain website. They are both Reiki Masters.

It started first by discussing about my back problem then the treatment started. I lay on the bed provided then he started measuring the lengths of my legs. According to him, if your legs are not of the same length, our hips end up suffering. It should be even—for our hips should be in horizontal line. He taught me exercises on how to even out the length of my legs. After that, my back was treated with a gentle massage. Every force he made on my back was reciprocated with a swinging motion of my legs alternately. My arms and hands were massaged and corrected to its position. My neck and head followed. There are neck exercises also taught that can also be done even if I’m in the office. Even my jaws were checked if it’s aligned.

After the Dorn Method, Breuss Massage followed (with a soothing music background). It’s a massage just focused on the spine. The massage was a great relief on my back. My back was even wrapped with a Japanese paper—for it to absorb toxins.

The Dorn in general is an alternative method. My back just ached the night of the treatment. But, the next day, the pain went away. I might reconsider having a second session…

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Sherry said...

wow sound like a good massage there!