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Thursday, June 1, 2006


I am trying to improve this page and would like to request the following information from you guys. Send the following information through my Contact Me page.

Name: Mark Ferdinand Tayag
Blog Title: Makoy's Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger
Description: The lifestyle blog for a pinoy IT blogger. Your every day blog for blogging tips, political news, entertainment buzz and Makoy's daily rants and raves.
Category: Lifestyle, Personal, Blogging



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Edward said...

Would you care for a link exchange?
Bali kita sa website ko na may PR 3
http://lapak2000.tripod.com in exchange link mo blog ko na http://www.healthandwealthtopic.com
contact me if it is okay with you.

4all2all said...

Thanks for your co-operation about exchange links.

Huy Dung.

Mika said...

Hello Makoy!... How are you?...

I've already added your link at Text Unlimited's Juicy Links2.

Please add mine: "Pinoy Text Quotes" http://www.textunli.com/

Maraming salamat! Happy blogging! :)



Anonymous said...

Hey I've linked you already!

tj_brewed said...

Thnx...I ll add u up too

Money Online said...

yes I would like to exchange link with you. http://moneysonline.blogspot.com
Please leave message when you link to me , I will do in return.

niessuh said...

you didn't added me in your blog roll.. i already added you up in mine.

Random Blog

Pinoy Space said...

Salamat dude sa pag-link..

Keep posting!

retchel said...


Found ur blog from other link.

Enjoy blogging!!!

retchel said...

Found ur blog from other link & u got a nice blog...


pinoyskull said...


could you update my link to {buhay sysad} http://sysad.pinoyskull.com

Anonymous said...

added u on my blog
care to link ex?

Ferdinand C. Lim said...

hi, i'm ferdinand. I added you in my blog roll. Can you also add me? it's http://limferdi.blospot.com. thanks!

Edward said...

Hi Makoy si edward ito sa ibang blog ako gumawa ng entry for you linking your two blogs dahil add mo na pala sa 2 blogs ko yong two blogs mo.
Here is the link:
Just add that blog to your two blogs and thank you very much in advance.

BRY said...

Hi there too! thanks for dropping by! mind to exchange link with me?

Alexis said...

Hey Parekoi! I's been awhile. I have a new blog, added you on my bloglink already. http://bittersweetcollide.com
faved you in technorati too, bounce back whenever you can.

deus said...

Nice blog, but i'm wondering why that you don't post picture(s)?



vinkoy said...

I've already add you in my blogs

care to exlinks?


Jmar said...

Hi there! Here's my blog description

Blood Quill
Writing with my blood


kegler747 said...

Hi Makoy!

Regarding your message: 27 Mar 08, 13:16
makoy: hi! please send me the description and the category of ur blog. im updating my links page.

Ar-wee-der-yet (1 Travel Blog by 1 Travel Blogger)


jmarv said...

here's my blog description

Name:Marvin Conanan
Blog title: BrainLoops
Description: It is a blog where the author's thoughts are in full control. The blog is mainly opinionated but nonetheless informative. Tackles lifestyle, entertainment, news (current and odd), and personal.
Category: Personal

Marilyn said...

Care to exchange link? Just buzz me if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

hi! nakuha ko link mo kay repah.. add po kita sa blogroll ko ha..

filipinoincanada said...

hi makoy, thanks for dropping by my site. :) wanna exchange links?

filipinoincanada said...

hi makoy! i'm tagging you. here's the link -


do join us :)

worldpeace said...

Hello Makoy, thanks for blog hopping me. Care to exchange link?I already put your link in my blog

worldpeace said...

Thanks for the reply.The category of my blog - Weird, art, life, culture. Description: All about weird life and culture which maybe exist around us.

J E Z said...

hello :)

leviuqse said...

hey makoy!!!!!

xlinks!!! hehe

i already added you to my blogsite!


Edzhstar® said...

hi thanks for dropping at my blog..
wanna exchange link?
hit me back if you want..


Edzhstar® said...

deal with me with ad posting?
what do you mean?
post mo yung 4 blogs mo na ipapaexchange link mo.
ako din pti 4 blogs ko

enhenyero said...

your on my blogroll, link me too?

Sherry said...

wow this is great! is that you get the PR too?

pehpot said...

exlink tayo ha..
personal blog ko:

tech blog ko: (I will buy an add next week, pag marami ng post )

o nga pala salamat ng marami sa digg codes.. I will repost it in my tech blog with a back link sa blog mo..

Make or Break

aryan said...

i would like to link exchange with your site